Monday, June 25, 2012

Daily 5- Chapter 2

The Daily 5 is SOOOOO rockin' my world this summer! I really think using it this upcoming year is going to be one of the best educational decisions I've made in a long time. YAY! 

This chapter helped me understand the core foundations of the Daily 5 model- trusting students, providing choice, nurturing community, creating a sense of urgency, building stamina, & staying out of students’ way once routines are established.

Here are my rambling thoughts...

Trusting Students- I have always wanted my students to trust me, but have I given them opportunities for me to trust them with their learning? Love this quote by William Bridges...“Without trust in the teacher, the step toward independence and the mastery of a new skill is less likely to happen. At that moment, with fear balanced against hope, it is trust that makes the difference”. 

Providing Choice- This is what I am going to have to spend most of my time wrapping my head around. {Why do I want to make it so complicated??} I love giving my students choices. "The Sisters" really made it clear to me WHY my kiddos LOVE picking out their listening station story, the game they want to play at the computer, their reading response sheet, etc.  
 Purpose + Choice = Motivation.
Makes sense to me...seriously, I'm way more engaged in an activity that I want to do. But what if "Social Susie" goes to read to someone every day? How do you make sure they get a balanced Daily 5 experience? 
I love the questions that students working with Daily 5 should ask themselves:
 1.What are my goals in reading and writing? 
2.What will I do first? 
3.Whom will I work with? 
4.What will I accomplish? 
5.What was I working on yesterday that I want to continue today?

I'm going to make a few weekly goal sheets for my students with these important questions! I'll *hopefully* have them ready and posted tomorrow!

Nurturing Community- I love how the Daily 5 encourages all students to take responsibility of their role in the classroom! This totally goes with the Positive Discipline behavior model at my school! On it!

 Creating a Sense of Urgency- I think taking the time to explain to your sweeties the importance of anything you do in the classroom is a must!! Sometimes I feel rushed just to teach, teach, teach the standard and forget to take a moment to explain why I am teaching the standard! This is a HUGE goal of mine. I want my students to know the reason for why we do everything we do in first grade! I can see that being a big hit...hahaha!!

Building Stamina- I know sometimes I just expected stamina & didn't work on actually building it from day one. I mean, I knew the first couple of weeks of literacy time would be rough, but I always held on to believing that most of the class would get the hang of it. I can see how this time was probably pretty painful for some of my poor babies. Ugh! I plan on really spending time slowly building stamina ...minute by minute! One question though- how long does it take to build Daily 5 stamina??

 Staying Out of Students’ Way Once Routines Are Established- Hello, my name is Anna and I can be a helicopter teacher!! In my defense though, I'm a very nice helicopter teacher that just likes to praise and encourage others! Now, I am realizing why sometimes *a few* students could not handle their behavior when I wasn't walking around being a cheerleader. Oooooo there is so much to learn!!!

I hope you enjoyed this chapter as much as I did!! Make sure to link up with Cheryl over at her blog {here}! Also, make sure to check back here in a day or two for the Daily 5 weekly goal sheet I'm working on!!! 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

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