Saturday, May 26, 2012

Step Up Day & End of the Year Printables {Freebies}

Hey Sweet Friends! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend celebrating Memorial Day! Just wanted to share a few writing printables with y'all that I use at the end of the year with my *almost* second graders!! 

We have a school wide "Step Up Day" during the last week of school. The kids LOVE visiting the second grade teachers and learning what it is like to be a second grader!! While they are off feeling pretty dang special, I am with a class of the cutest kinders telling them all about first grade!! 

My students always fill out a "First Grade Facts" sheet to give to a kindergarten student. You would think I gave those babies gold! Kinders get's the simple things in life that are the BEST!!! 
 When my sweeties come back from the other end of the school feeling all grown up & over first grade, we enjoy a few writing activities that center around what they learned from "stepping up" !!
 and one where they predict what will happen in second grade!
 We also write notes to ourselves to save for the first day of school. Before doing this, we reflect on the first day of first grade & predict how it might be alike or different than second grade...Do I hear a Venn Diagram calling my name?? Why yes I do?!?!  
 After our discussion, we all write letters to ourselves to open up the morning of the first day of school {including myself- No, mine doesn't start with "Dear Jesus,"...HA!}. The letter template below can really be used for anything though. After they are done writing, they stick and seal their letter in an envelope to read the morning before their first day to ease the jitters.
 And I thought I would also throw in this summer goals writing printable. We work at setting goals all throughout the year & this is just a motivator to get the kids thinking about what they want to accomplish this summer.
You can download these printables *here*{Graphics courtesy of Scrappin' Doodles & KPM Doodles}! I hope they're helpful as you are surviving the last week or weeks of school!! If you don't have a school wide Step Up Day, I recommend checking with your 2nd grade friends to see if you could schedule in a time to do one on your own the last week of school!! You'll have a blast!!!

Well, I'm officially 30 today!! I've been SO blessed during my twenties & want to celebrate them by having everything 20% off in my TpT store today only!! Check it out {HERE}!!!

Happy Memorial Day!!! GOD BLESS all the courageous men & women that have served or are serving our country! I honor you.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hello Summer!!!

Y'all, I'm on summer vacation!!!! Thank.goodness.for.a.break. I've been getting some R&R time with my sweet boy!! It's ohhhhh so nice to slow down and enjoy my family all day long. The little squirt is sleeping over at his grandparents' house tonight. It feels really strange when my house is this quiet! I'm missing him already!!
So my last day with my sweet class was last Friday! We had a BLAST at our luau themed party! Limbo on down the page {sorry, I couldn't help myself} to see some awesome pictures of the fun....
Okay, this isn't the best table pic. I was so busy at the beginning of the party that I forgot to take a picture before the kids made their mark!!! At least, you can tell they were really enjoying themselves!!

 Masks, Hula Skirts, and Leis
 Ice Cream Sundae Station
Holy Toppings!!!
Face Painting!!!
 LIMBO! I love it when parents participate in the craziness!!!
Slushes were a BIG hit!!

 How did I pull off such a wonderful end of the year party? I didn't!! I had the BEST parent volunteers pretty much take care of everything!!! I LOVE them!!!
I hope you have or *had* a wonderful end of the year celebration with your kids!! XOXO