Sunday, November 6, 2011


Hi! I'm Tamela and I blog over at This and That. I am a former elementary school teacher turned homeschooling mom. I am absolutely in love with all of the amazaing 1st grade blogs that I have found! Let me just say that, "You guys rock!" You all do an amazing job in your classroom and I have been inspired by lots of your ideas and printables!

I want to introduce you to something that I love doing with my girls ~ lapbooking. Lapbooking is big in the homeschool world, but I think it would be fun to do in the classroom, too! Basically, lapbooks are a way to compile all of the learned information in a neat and organized way. Here are a couple of examples that we have done...


This is the middle of the lapbook. The components are labeling a penguin and a number matching game.

This is the back of the lapbook. We included a poem about penguins, the life cycle of penguins and a little reader. The little reader book is by far my favorite component because the girls got to use their thumb prints to make the penguins on each page!

This is my oldest daughter working on her penguin! Sorry, just had to share that one with you, too! You can add different components too like their habitat, what they eat, the different types of penguins. There really isn't a wrong way to lapbook!

Another type of lapbook is based on a piece of literature. For this lapbook, we read "The Tale of Peter Rabbit". The girls really enjoyed the extended learning that we did with this book. We talked about onomatopoeia, real versus fantasy, and why it's important to obey rules. Gracelyn helped Mr. McGregory plant a new vegetable garden and then wrote him a letter of apology on behalf of Peter. Ella put together a mini book on staying well in winter.

cover middle - onomatopoeia definiton and example from the text, step-by-step directions on how to draw a rabbit, new vocabulary words, mini book and animal fantasy back (pocket to store all of the 81/2 x 11 sheets) response to literature vegetable garden planning letter of apology real vs. fantasy worksheet our house rules drawings of rabbits

If you are wondering what the letter says, it says: Dear Mr. McGregory, I am sorry for eating your vegetables. I would like to plant more vegetables in your garden. Sincerely, Gracelyn

I know this is a long post, but I wanted to show you a couple of different types of labooks. If you have any questions, please let me know. Oh, and the internet is filled with other examples and You tube also has a short video on how to fold a lapbook.

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Happy Sunday!!!