Friday, September 23, 2011

Fabulous Fall Giveaway with OfficeMax!!

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Thanks for playing with me!!! HAPPY FALL, Y'ALL!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Classroom Jobs

 Hey y'all! It's day thirty-one of school and I'm just now implementing a classroom job routine..HA!...I guess LATE is better than never, right?!! I've always had my students help me out, but decided to add a little structure to it!! Luckily, we've been learning about goods/services & consumers/producers, so introducing our job chart fit right in with our social studies standards!!

Everyone has a job each week! At the end of the week, I rotate the names. My kiddos are SUPER pumped up about their service to our classroom!! Love it!! Here is a picture of my classroom job chart.....

Here's a little description of each job:

Center Inspectors-make sure centers are put back in their place after center time.
Clean Up Crew -makes sure that there isn't trash on the floor and  puts trashcans outside of the door before dismissal for pick up service.
Pencil Helpers -make sure to collect unsharpened pencils at the end of each day.
Teacher's Assistant -helps me pass out papers, send things to the office, etc.
Library Helpers- make sure that the library is organized and our books are taken care of in the classroom.
Line Leader- *self explanatory* helps lead our line.
Door Holder-*self explanatory* holds the doors for us when needed.

Click {HERE} to download the classroom job labels!
 Graphics courtesy of Scrappin' Doodles.

Also, many of you have asked about my next set of math journal prompts! They will be ready to post this weekend!! Can't wait!!!


I want to give a BIG HUG and THANK YOU to.....


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Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!

Tomorrow I have a special giveaway planned for YOU! Stay tuned SWEET bloggy friends!!!!

Happy Last Day of Summer!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weather Part 2 *finally*

I'm BACK and excited to share with y'all some more activities that made teaching weather ohhhh so much fun!!

*Homemade Rain Gauges*
These are super simple to make with your sweetie peas! Just ask for 2 liter bottle donations for a couple of weeks before you plan to do it with your whole class. 
 Cut the tops off of the bottles before you pass them out to your kiddos. The cut should be done just where the slope starts. Cut all the way around until the top of the bottle can be removed. Place the cut-off bottle top down into the bottom so it creates a funnel. Now, tape around the edges where the two bottle parts meet. Then pour a little  water into the bottle. It should be filled just past the bumpy bottom legs of the bottle. The top of the water will be your base point. Mark the top of the water line with a permanent marker. You can print out a paper ruler for your students to take home with them {here}.
Now, it would be really nice if it would just rain here in Watkinsville, Georgia so we could actually measure the rainfall..HA! Rain or shine, my students absolutely loved making their own rain gauge! Maybe...just rain dance will work this week!!!

*Rain Poem Fun*
In the writing center, we wrote "Rain Poems". This activity reinforced the color words we've been learning about to help us describe things in our writing. I used the umbrella die cut at my school & scrapbooking paper to make the umbrellas. The little girl was also made with a die cut at my school. If you don't have these die cuts available at your school, I would just let your students draw them on their own picture!
Click {here} to download the Rain Poem writing paper!

*Weather Fun Math and Literacy Centers*
To integrate our weather theme into center time, I created Weather Fun Math and Literacy centers! My first graders loved working on them!!! You can get your copy at my lil' TpT store {HERE}!!  It's on sale for 20% off TODAY!!
Here's a sneak peek of everything you'll get in the packet!!

We are HUGE fans of reading the room in my classroom. Here's a weather themed Read the Room that focuses on /ai/ and /ay/ sounds for YOU. Click on the picture to download it!

I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful Sunday afternoon!! I'm loving the crispy cool Fall weather we're having here....can't wait for Parker to wake up from his nap so we can go play outside again!!!
Speaking of my Parker...check out these pictures of him playing while I worked in my classroom yesterday! At one point, I looked over and all I could see were his little legs poking out of the cardboard box...didn't get the camera in time...dang it!!  Too cute!!!