Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Guest Post on Once Upon a Time in First Grade!!!

Hey Everyone!! Just wanted you to know that I'm a guest poster on Once Upon a Time in First Grade! YAY!! I blogged about using Reading Think Dots boards!!! You can even download a few different boards I've made to use with your sweeties:) Make sure to swing by there & check it out!!!

Don't forget you can get 15% off my Hippity Hoppity and Spring Math and Literacy Center Packets through today!!! Make sure to grab these before my sale ends at midnight:) THANK YOU to everyone who has already purchased them!!!

Hope you have a wonderful evening!!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hoppin' into Centers

We are back from Spring Break and have hopped right into our spring/Easter themed centers. My students are having so much fun learning with the flowers, chicks, and bunny activities!!!

Check them out..........

Chunking Chicks

Students take these chick cards and use the chunks to make words!! This is a great phonics center!! I'm so proud of how well my my students are doing with this activity!! YAY! You can get this in my Spring Math and Literacy Packet!

Check out this ginormous egg container I found at the Dollar Tree to store my springy center cards in. I won't tell you how many I bought...

Read the Room- /ir/, /ur/, and/er/
We are a Read the Room lovin' class! It's such a fun activity to reinforce the phonics chunks (we use Phonics Dance) we learn in class. This Read the Room is on ir, ur, and er. I tape them all over the walls and students go on a word search. After they read the word, they sort them on their recording sheet! You can get this in my Spring Math and Literacy Center Packet!

Hop into a Sentence

My kiddos had to unscramble the words to make a sentence in this literacy center. The cards are color coded so they know which words will make a sentence! They wrote all of the sentences they made on their recording sheet. You can get this center in my Hippity Hoppity Math and Literacy Packet!

Making Words with Springtime

In this literacy center, students move the eggs around in the pocket chart to make words using the letters in the word Springtime!! Fun stuff!!! This is a classroom favorite and it's so easy to prepare!! You can get this making words center in my Spring Math and Literacy Packet.

Rabbit Time

Students match the analog clock to the digital clock in this math center. This has been a great activity to review telling time to the hour and half hour. You can get this center in my Spring Math and Literacy Center Packet.

You can get 15% off both my Hippity Hoppity Math and Literacy Center Packet and Spring Math and Literacy Center Packet on TpT through tomorrow! Together they'll give you about 2-3 weeks worth of centers(22 centers), which is perfect for the rest of April!!! I like to sell my centers in packets because you'd spend a fortune buying them individually for $2-$3 each. One of my packets (10-12 centers) usually cost $8.00, but with the 15% discount, they are only $6.80!! All of the centers come with a recording sheet. These are great to keep your students accountable for completing their work & seeing who does or doesn't understand a concept!!

A lot of AWESOME followers have asked how I manage my centers/centertime! It's hard to explain without you seeing it in action, but I'm going to do my best to share what I do in my next post using a ton of pictures!! Until then.....

Have a wonderful evening!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring Themed Fun Contest WINNER!!!

On April 7th at 1:38pm she said "I follow your blog!".

A big thank you to everyone who participated in our contest! If you didn't win, I have a little special going on for you at my TpT store!!! You can get 15% off my Spring Math and Literacy Packet AND my Hippity Hoppity Math and Literacy Packet until Wednesday!!! You can also get Erica's Jelly Bean Math and Spring File Folder & Writing Prompts at her TpT store!

Thanks again everyone and CONGRATS GLADYS!!!!!